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Are you or have you ever been pregnant?

Twice. Last time I chose abortion, and have never regretted it. This time the pregnancy was planned, wanted, and continued to birth.

Did you consider abortion? Why? or why not?

Not this time, because my husband and I deliberately got pregnant :)

Did you make the right decision? Why? or Why not?

Both times.

The first time, I was unexpectedly pregnant. I have always been pro-choice, both personally and politically. I had no hesitation; I knew that unless I was completely mentally, physically, and financially ready to have a child, I would not do it. I believe a child deserves parents who are unreservedly devoted and completely able to provide for it. I will not bring a child into the world unless I can promise that.

At the time, I was financially fine and in a strong relationship (living with my fiance, who is now my husband). However, I was not emotionally or mentally prepared to have a child. I was 22 and not ready to give up my "fun" life; I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life yet. Because of this I did not feel that I was prepared to have a child. Therefore, I had an immediate abortion (at about 8 weeks pregnant).

This time around, the situation is different. I am in the middle of law school and have secured a very good law job. I am married, my husband is well-employed and works from home so he can care for our child. My parents live nearby and are eager to help out. And most importantly, I am HAPPY and ENTHUSIASTIC about having a child. I don't really understand how anyone not enthusiastic about it can survive the getting-up-four-times-a-night :)

Did the pregnancy go without complications?

I don't think any pregnancy ever does :) If so, they are in the minority.

I had a pretty non-complicated pregnancy up till the 37th or so week. I then developed a fairly rare pregnancy rash known as PUPPP. It made my life a living hell for two weeks or so - it was all over my body, including the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. I couldn't sleep, I itched constantly, and it hurt if I scratched. More seriously, I developed pre-eclampsia in the last 5 days of my pregnancy. I gained 7 pounds of pure swelling water weight in those 5 days, my blood pressure went up, etc. I ended up being threatened with bedrest if I did not induce.

Induction was a long process, and 28 hours after it started I had to get a C-section anyway because despite my being completely dialated, Isaac was facing the wrong way and so could not come out. :P long birth story here.

Two weeks out, the rash still hasn't completely gone away, and it has pretty much destroyed the skin on my stomach. The good side is that I look almost normal again. I'm still up almost 20 pounds, but I started out pretty skinny, and I've dropped almost 40 from my top pregnancy weight. Not bad for two weeks.

Recovery from the Caesarean has been slower than I thought it would be. The incision was, for a week and a half, too sore to allow me to walk very far (more than a quarter block or so). But more serious than that is the full-body fatigue that follows major surgery. I am starting to recover, but still find it difficult to do much. Luckily my husband is wonderful.

Our new son is Isaac. He was 8 lbs 6 oz and has gained at an above-average rate since being home. He is perfectly healthy, if somewhat fussy :) and very cute.
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