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Pregnancy stories

Pregnancy Stories
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Welcome to pregnancystory! This community was made to provide a forum in which women can share their personal stories of pregnancy and abortion. This is not a debate community, only comments of support are welcome.

Are you or have you ever been pregnant?
Did you consider abortion? Why? or why not?
Did you make the right decision? Why? or Why not?
Did the pregnancy go without complications?

If you have concerns about anonymity, please post as user story_anon. Email froggergirliee or any or the other mods at story_mods to receive the password.

***These rules are subject to change at anytime!!!***

1. The following is a list of words you may use only in your own story about pregnancy or abortion.
My opinion...

Use of these words outside this context will result in a warning and deleting the post. The fourth offense gets the user banned from the community.

2. Posts and comments placed here to start debate or flame wars will be deleted as soon as moderators find out about them. Do not reply to such posts and comments, but email the moderators, and we will delete them with speed. Posts made about flames or debates in other entries will also be deleted, please just email a moderator.

Debate and flame war starters have one warning. The first offense gets the post deleted. The second offense gets the user banned from both communities.

Participants in debates and flame wars have three warnings. After the fourth offense, the user will be banned from both communities.

3. If you suggest that you can do a better job than the given moderators, you'll be banned so you can go and try somewhere else.

4. Moderators must display an email address that they will check on the user info page for story_mods. Moderators will also post in story_mods when they are planning to be absent. The community will always be watched by someone.

5. Posts regarding abortion or pregnancy issues for discussion are welcome, but if a debate insues, they will be deleted.

6. Comments attacking the choice a woman has made will be deleted. Your personal opinions regarding another's situation should be kept to yourself. All viewpoints are welcome, but remember to make all comments supportive, even if that is not the choice you would have made.

This community is a companion to abortionstories

If you have other concerns, direct them to musicmz, katinthahat, or froggergirliee, the community maintainers. (See also story_mods.)

Community created by: silverhawk